The Ultimate Elevator Pitch Template


__________ is my Xth startup.

I/we have ___ co-founders and/or ___ people on the team.

The HQ is in __________, and we were founded ___ months ago.

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We’re focused on ____________ (target audience),

that helps/solves ____________ (problem),

by offering a ____________ (solution).


If you have time left or think it’s relevant, two optional additions are:

We are different/better than _____________ because of _____________ (competition).

The time is now because __________ (market).


To date, we’ve had ____________ (traction)

ie. Revenue, funds raised, active users, PoC’s > LOI’s > signups > surveys, etc.

My ask is ____________.

If you’re in the early-stages of building and don’t have any traction, replace with:

My past experience is in _________ which is why we’ll win. (relation).

Using this ClearPitch42 format, each pitch will be - yep you guessed it: 42-seconds, which is 8-9 glorious lines that cover the basic information the listener needs to understand you, the startup, it’s stage, and your ask.

Only then, will you need to dig into the other areas that are of interest to the listener/investor, such as: why you started the company, what you were doing before this, how you and the co-founders met, your long-term vision, go-to-market strategy, competitors, etc.

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