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Canva is my second startup.

I am one of two co-founders and have one full-time developer on the team.

The HQ is in Sydney, Australia, and we were founded two years ago.


We enable people who have no design experience, to create professional designs using expansive pre-made templates.

Canva has combined a simple-to-use web interface, Adobe InDesign and Google Docs – which will disrupt the desktop publishing industry.


To date, our 3,000 users have been spending an average of $300 a year.

My ask is $1.5M, that will help us get to 3M users prior to our Series A.

Why was this made?

I read and listen to about 120 pitches per week. What I love is that all the ideas and the people behind them are unique – what I don’t love is that everyone has a different pitching format.

Sometimes, I’m yearning for more information, and other times I’m waiting for it to stop. Not because I’m impatient, or a bad person - neither is the investor or the friend you’re pitching - but because we know you’re super passionate and can speak for hours on it, we want to understand the core details so we can learn if we can be helpful as early as possible.

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